Do you offer free samples?

We do not offer free samples. There are no exceptions. You may order a mix of any items. Due to time constraints, we have a limfit of 20 different sample items. You may order as many pieces as you want per item but not more than 20 different items. If your order contains more than 20 different sample items, we may cancel your order at this time.

Do you open cases? Can I order less than full case quantity?

Yes we open cases & you may order less than full case quantities. Click the "order" button. One piece is added to your cart. Then change the number to your desired quantity & click the "update" button.

How many days does it take until my order ships from your warehouse?

Generally all orders ship within 2-3 business days after we receive your order. There is additional shipping time with Fedex. Our shipping map on the "Shipping info" page displays the complete estimated time when you should expect your order.

Are Saturday & Sunday business days?

Saturday & Sunday are not business days.

Are the photographs of your items "true to size"?

No the photographs are not "true to size". All attempts are made to keep the photos true to size, but it is not always possible.

So if an item looks large, is it actually smaller?

It may be smaller. All dimensions are listed. Please use a ruler & compare our container dimensions to your cake, cookies etc..

What is the difference between outer & inner dimensions?

Outer dimensions are the total outside dimensions of the container end to end. This includes all surrounding lips & locks. Inner dimensions are the inside dimensions at the widest point. Please be aware that most containers are slightly tapered to enable stacking. The actual bottom of the container may be slightly smaller than the inner dimensions listed. Bottom dimensions are the dimensions at the bottom of the container

How do I determine which cupcake or muffin container will fit my cupcakes and muffins?

You need the bottom diameter of your cupcake liner & the total cupcake height.

First, measure the bottom diameter of your cupcake liner. Then check the bottom cavity diameter of our cupcake containers. Your liner should be about an 1/8" smaller than the bottom diameter listed for each cavity.
Second, measure your cupcake or muffin from top to bottom. Then check the height listed for every container. Please ensure that you choose a container whose height is greater than your cupcake /muffin. All dimensions are listed as length x width x height. The third set of numbers is the height of the container.

How do I determine which cake dome will fit my cake?

You need the total diameter and total height of your cake.

First measure the complete diameter of your cake, including cream or frosting. Compare your cake diameter to our bottom cake container diameters. Most cakes need about 1/2" of clearance all around. So if your cake measures 9" round, the correct cake container would have a 10-10.25" diameter. Now you know you need to be looking at the 9" cake containers with a 10.25" diameter.
Second measure the total height of your cake from top to bottom, including cream or frosting. Now check the listed "dome depths". Choose a container which has a dome depth slightly taller than your cake height.

Should I choose a cake circle / cake board that has the same diameter as my cake or the same diameter as the cake container?

Generally choose a cake circle with the same diameter as the cake container. This ensures your cake stays put & does not move around.

I received my order. An item was either missing or damaged. How much time do I have to make a claim?

In the event that there are damages or missing merchandise, a claim must be made within 4 business days of receipt of order. We will not issue any refunds or replace any merchandise on claims made after 4 business days.

Claims must be emailed to admin@plasticcontainercity.com

We reserve the right to issue a refund instead of replacing merchandise that is damaged or missing

If a damaged or missing item value is less  than $10.00, we will only issue a refund. Due to the high cost of shipping, we will not re-ship the item

What is your pricing policy?

We reserve the right to change the prices of any of our products at any time. We do not offer price adjustments, price matching, or price guarantees of any kind.

Do you charge sales tax?

We are required by law to collect 5.3% sales tax for VA State residents only. VA State customers with a valid tax resale certificate must email their paperwork to admin@plasticcontainercity.com

Which payment methods do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Pay Pal, Google Check Out. Sorry, we cannot accept C.O.D. orders.

What are your hours?

Our office is open
Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM ET
Friday 9:00 AM - 5 PM ET
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Sale Items

All sale items are final sale. Refunds will not be issued for sale items, which are returned to our warehouse.