Single Cupcake Containers- 270/Case


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Sending home gourmet cupcakes with guests at your party, catered event or restaurant is a breeze with this beautifully-curved single cupcake container. Peaked frosting topped with a cookie, candy or plastic decorations maintain their luscious appearance from bakery kitchen to home table. Customers or event guests can quickly see the cupcake, making selection easy.

Cupcakes fit securely in the specially-designed single cupcake cavity, surrounded by sturdy plastic soft-tipped spikes that hold the cupcake in place while allowing for easy cupcake removal. A space all around the cupcake cavity provides all the extra space needed to keep cupcakes intact and beautiful. The hinged lid fits firmly over the base and snaps in place tightly along a raised ridge that continues around the cupcake container’s perimeter, including the hinge, with a small bar lock in front. This case of 270 single cupcake containers is ideal for a large catered event or a busy cupcake bakery.
Single Cupcake Containers
Dimensions: 5-1/4” x 4”
270 per Case

Single Cupcake Containers.
This single cupcake container has lots of space all around the cupcake & the base has a slot which holds the cupcake securely.

Dimensions 5 1/4 x 4"

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