Pint Berry Basket

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Choose this pint pulp berry basket as a small produce container for berries as well as tomatoes, onions or other produce items. Eco-conscious consumers appreciate that this green pulp produce packaging is made from recycled materials and biodegrades when you and your customer are finished using it. Fruits and vegetables stored in this pulp berry container can be mounded up above the level of the basket to avoid top pressure and keep berries intact and beautiful.

This pint container offers the practicality of traditional berry baskets. It has a flat bottom and a square shape. The air vents in the bottom side edges prevent mold and keep food fresher with increased air circulation. A thickened outer top edge holds the square shape of the pint pulp container. From garden to kitchen, this small pulp produce basket is loved by consumers and chefs around the world. This single berry basket order allows you to choose the exact number you want and gives you a way to sample the product before placing a large order.
Pint Berry Basket
Dimensions: 4"x4"x3"
1 piece

Classic 1 dry pint green berry basket
Outer Dimensions 4"x4"x3"