Oblong Mini Mold - 2000/Case


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Oblong mini mold. These cups are rigid enough to stand on their own while baking.


Our paper baking molds are designed to be part of the packaging, & eliminate metal baking pans "Bake and Sell". They are of a rigid freestanding construction. Microwave and oven safe up to 450 degrees. Freezer safe as well.



Instructions for baking with Paper Baking Molds

* All of our paper baking molds are safe in temperature up to 450°F.

* When using in your oven, make sure you pre-heat the oven to the desired temperature before placing the ovenable tray in.

* Place the tray on a aluminum cookie sheet and make sure to place it in the center rack.

* The aluminum tray helps distribute heat evenly to the bottom of tray and also helps when removing the item from the oven.

* Placing the tray on the center rack will help ensure the tray only gets exposed to the temperature the oven is set to.

* Lower and upper racks may be closer to heating elements and therefore exposed to temperature much greater than the oven setting.

Bottom Dimensions 4 1/2" x 1 5/8"
Height 7/8"