Stackable Individual Cupcake Container - 300/Case


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Accomplish an upscale look with this beautiful single cupcake container, for businesses like bakeries, cafes or restaurants, customers will love your desserts even more. Also, individual cupcake containers will be a hit with your party guests as cupcakes are a very popular option for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebration.

Stackable cupcake holders that will make transportation a lot easier, you can pile them up while you display them too and will still show the beauty of the desserts that increase impulse buying.

These cupcake carriers are manufactured in clear PET plastic with recycling code 5, which made them eco-friendly, and also good for you as they are BPA Free. Can be used in the freezer or refrigerator if you can to keep your cupcakes fresh for longer.

Easy to close and open with their single bar lock in the front, the back hinge is truly resistant and will allow you to open and close the container several times without breaking. The cupcake carrier is designed to hold your cupcake securely and at the same time, the shape of the cavity allows you to remove the cupcake without messing up the frosting.

Case of 300 pieces


Length:  3 7/8 Inches

Width: 4 5/16 Inches

Height: 3 5/8 Inches

Top Compartment Diameter: 2 5/8 Inches

Bottom Compartment Diameter: 2 Inches