Cupcake Stands

Cupcake Stands & Towers. Plastic Container City offers beautiful cupcake stands for presenting these delicious deserts at parties. Cupcakes fit easily around the stands in an appealing display. While some of our stands are ready to go, others are kits you can put together easily to dress up your table at your next social event. With kits like Dora the Explorer, Disney’s Frozen, Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Elmo and princess themed, you can brighten up children’s birthday parties in a snap. Children will also love our push pops with stand. Great for fun treats that make kids smile, our cupcake stands add life to any party. We also offer ready to go cupcake stands, such as the Wilton Cupcakes ‘N More 23 count cupcake dessert stand. This stand is attractive and suitable for any event, including baby showers, wedding shower, graduation parties, birthday parties and anniversary parties. Its silver-colored, swirled design makes this cupcake stand an elegant choice. Also av...Read more

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  1. Cupcake Stand - Princess Kit

    Cupcake Stand - Princess Kit

    SKU: WN-1510-1008-1
  2. Cupcake Stand - Dora Kit

    Cupcake Stand - Dora Kit

    SKU: WN-1512-6300-1
  3. Cupcake Stand - Elmo Kit

    Cupcake Stand - Elmo Kit

    SKU: WN-1512-3460-1
  4. Cupcake Stand - SpongeBob Kit

    Cupcake Stand - SpongeBob Kit

    SKU: WN-1512-5130-1
  5. Cupcake Stand - Hello Kitty Kit - WN-1512-7575-1

    Cupcake Stand - Hello Kitty Kit

    SKU: WN-1512-7575-1
  6. Silver Foil 3 Tier Treat Tree - CB-SUSTTSV-1

  7. Wilton Cupcakes 'N More® 13 Count Small Dessert Stand

  8. Frozen Treat Stand

    Frozen Treat Stand

    SKU: WN-1512-4500-1

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