Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners – how could you get by in your kitchen or bakery without them? At Plastic Container City, we supply bakeries, cupcake shops, restaurants and individuals with high quality cupcake liners in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from standard white cupcake liners, decorative cupcake liners and Greeseproof cupcake liners to meet your unique baking needs. We offer cupcake liners wholesale to keep your bakery supplies stocked up and retail for individuals. Choose our standard white cupcake liners for cupcakes you use with cupcake liners. You can order in packs of 50 or in bulk packages of 500 or 10000. Sizes for the white cupcake liners include Texas size bake cup liners, 6” cupcake liners, 5” cupcake liners, 4.5” cupcake liners and 3.5” mini cupcake liners. These items are high quality, pure white cupcake liners that hold cupcake batter well as the cupcakes bake. Our foil cupcake liners are attractive and great for presenting frosted cupcakes on...Read more