Icing colors

Icing colors are perfect for decorating cupcakes and cakes. We have a wide variety of icing colors at Plastic Container City to buy by the single piece or for bulk icing colors orders. All you have to do is ice your cake or cupcakes and spritz on a mist of fine color from the icing color spray bottle. Your cake or cupcakes have instant appeal. Our edible icing colors tint your cake with blue, green, violet, orange or even black. Add edible decoration on top and your cake is ready to present to your guests or customers. In addition to all our wonderful Color Mist icing colors, we have FoodWriter Edible Color Markers that allow you to write your birthday message right on the cake, just like you would write on paper with a marker. Touch the cake lightly with the marker and write anniversary or graduation wishes in your best handwriting. These icing colors come in a package of one red and one green, a great choice for holiday cakes. Buy one package or order wholesale icing colors quickly a...Read more

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