Cupcake Decorations

At Plastic Container City, we have all the cupcake decorations you need to tempt your bakery customers or delight your guests. Cupcakes just seem to taste better when you use our cupcake decorations to make them more visually appealing. We have a wide variety of edible decorations, including colored sugars, sprinkles, edible pearls, sugar paper, and many different cupcake decorations in various shapes and colors. Start your cupcake decorating with our icing and icing colors. We have beautiful, vividly colored icings in red, yellow, blue, green and pink, along with color mist cupcake decorating food colors and food markers you can use just like ink markers to write right on your frosted cupcakes after the frosting has dried. Use colored sugar cake decorations to sprinkle on peaks of cupcake frosting or sprinkles to add a dash of fun to any cupcake decoration. Buy your colors by the individual pack or order more for wholesale cupcake decorations at your convenience. Our edible cupcake de...Read more