Restaurants and delis provide food-to-go for their guests and customers. With attractive and functional take out containers, the food travels well, all the way to the guests’ homes. At Plastic Container City, we offer a variety of to go containers to help you build your reputation as an accommodating food service business committed to serving your guests in style. We have 87 different plastic food containers that can be used for take out and to-go foods. Whether your guests are bringing home some of the food they want to save for the next day after a dinner out or picking up a to-go order for a friend, our take out containers are strong enough to ensure the food arrives at its destination fresh and intact. In addition to the to go containers themselves, we also have 15 different plastic cutlery products and 22 different types of straws to order. We provide take out containers for beverages as well, including 80 plastic cups, 61 paper coffee cups, 9 paper cold beverage cups, 12 p...Read more