Pie Packaging

Pie packaging from Plastic Container City includes a wide range of products from pie boxes to pie pans to pie containers. No matter how you want to package your pies, you can find the optimal choice. Pie boxes are strong, durable boxes ideal for pies that are transported for long distances. Our crystal-clear plastic pie containers not only keep pies fresh, but also show them off to entice customers to buy more. Our pie packaging is made of high-quality materials, formed to hold up to any potential damage. When your pies reach their destination, they look and taste as wonderful as they did when they left your bakery. Clear plastic pie containers look amazing sitting on bakery store shelves, where customers can view them easily and select the ones they know they’ll like best. Our pie boxes are better suited to pies that have been pre-ordered or are set to ship to a farther location. Now you know about pie packaging, but how do you make your pies without something to bake them in. W...Read more