Cake Boards

Cake Boards. Wholesale cake boards are attractive and functional to keep your bakery running smoothly and your customers happy. Choose our white cake boards at low, low prices to make cake decorating easier and provide a solid base for your bakery cakes. We have several different kinds of cake boards. Our gold mini rectangular cake boards give a festive touch to small, rectangular cakes. Choose our silver cake boards for a wedding cake. We also have fun design cake boards for parties and other catered events. We also have a variety of sizes, including 6” cake boards, 7” cake boards, 8” cake boards, 9” cake boards, 10” cake boards, 11” cake boards, 12” cake boards and 14” cake boards. We have cake boards for sheet cakes, quarter sheets and half sheets. We have both rectangular cake boards and round cake boards in white, gold, silver and fun designs. It’s easy to choose the right cake board for your needs. Just use a cake board that ...Read more