Bakery Packaging

Get beautiful, sturdy bakery packaging for all your bakery needs. Order wholesale for the best value and ordering efficiency. Our bakery packaging is just right for showing off cakes and cookies or transporting them to a catered event. Cookie containers keep cookies fresh and moist to satisfy customers and help build your bakery’s reputation. Cookie boxes hold cookies safely without crumbling. With our bakery packaging, cakes and cookies stay make the trip easily. Our cake box selections include cake boxes for cakes of many different sizes. We have round cake boxes and rectangular cake boxes to fit the cake you want to bake. Choose Plastic Container City bakery packaging for high quality cookie containers that keep cookies from being damaged on the bakery shelves or on the way to a catered event. Customers love bringing home cookies in our cookie boxes and finding them perfectly shaped and fresh. Use the cookie containers that work best for the size and number of cookies you wan...Read more