Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes and Cake Boxes. Wholesale bakery boxes make the perfect packaging for cakes, cookies and donuts in your busy bakery. Attract new customers and keep your regulars coming back for more when you showcase baked goods in cake boxes or pastry boxes with a window to reveal the goodness inside the package. Our bakery boxes are the ideal combination of beauty and functionality. We have pink bakery boxes as well as chocolate brown bakery boxes. Some have windows to show your delicious bakery-made foods to their best advantage. Other cake boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and enclose your cakes completely for the maximum protection while transporting them to your customer’s location. We also have enclosed white cake boxes for many different sizes of cakes. Be sure to choose a size of cake box that is larger than your cake will be to ensure the frosting doesn’t get squished against the sides or top. Generally, the cake board must be bigger than the cake and must fit ...Read more