Plastic bags are a major part of the food service industry. At Plastic Container City, we offer a wide selection of plastic bags, including cellophane bags, wine bags, header bags and paper bags. Cellophane bags are especially handy, allowing users to see immediately what is inside. Yet our cellophane bags are sturdy as well as beautiful. We have many different shapes of cellophane bags, including crystal clear cone bags, clear flat cellophane bags, clear cellophane flat bags for cookies and clear basket bags. Our clear simplex cellophane bags can be heat-sealed to keep in freshness and are easily resealable. Cellophane bags also come in a variety of sizes and ordering quantities. Our clear wine bags let you bring a gift of wine to your favorite host without obscuring the vintage or the beautiful bottle. Our metallic wine bags add a festive note to parties and are especially appropriate for New Year’s Eve parties or even birthday and anniversary parties. No matter where you want ...Read more