Plastic Container City has many products that are not plastic but aluminum. Aluminum has been a kitchen staple for many years. Disposable aluminum pans allow you to bake and sell without removing the food from the container it was baked in. They make great to-go bakery containers and reduce the amount of work necessary to supply large groups with yummy foods. Durable aluminum pans get foods done the way you like and clean up easily after the food is removed. Whether you need a quick, single-use disposable aluminum pan or a more durable aluminum pan you can use over and over again, we have just what you need. For baking, we have 53 aluminum foil pie pans, 67 aluminum cake pans, 24 aluminum steam table pan options, and 60 different round aluminum pans and lids. Choose our aluminum oblong pans and aluminum loaf pans to make your kitchen more efficient. Aluminum cupcake pans work great for take-along desserts for a catered event. Or, choose one of our 14 aluminum cupcake pans for your home...Read more