6oz Vented Hinged Plastic Grape, Tomato containers

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Serve fruits at the peak of their freshness by storing them in this convenient 6 oz. hinged grape container. Whether you are keeping them in your restaurant kitchen or sending them home with customers, this tomato container protects produce, keeping it whole and full of flavor. The 6 oz. size works perfectly as a raspberry container or a blueberry container, to keep small berries plump and juicy. As a strawberry container, this hinged container is just right for one large or two small servings of berries.

This clear plastic container closes easily at the back hinge and snaps together on each front corner. Berries and tomatoes stay securely in the container until you or your customer are ready to open it by clicking it open at the front. Vents along the top and bottom edge of the container allow air to circulate, reducing the risk of moldy fruit and tomatoes. The bottom sides of the container slant towards the flat bottom to help preserve the shape of round fruits. Stackable and sturdy, these vented, hinged plastic containers make any size kitchen run more smoothly and efficiently. This one-package order is a great way to try out these outstanding grape and tomato containers for yourself.
6 oz. Vented Hinged Plastic Grape, Tomato Containers Dimensions: 5 1/8” x 4 7/16” x 1 9/16” One container

6Oz Vented Hinged plastic container perfect  for grape, tomato , strawberry, blueberry & berry. 

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