5" Square Plastic Container Deep

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This deep 5” square plastic container can be used for a variety of different foods found in a bakery, deli or restaurant. Caterers can use the container to transport dips, sauces, cheeses or sandwich spreads. The clear, flat center of the container lid allows bakery or restaurant workers or caterers to see the contents at a glance for quick selection.

The 5” square plastic container is extra-strong and easily stands up to the jostling that can happen when food is moved from one location to another. An attractive ribbed design starts at the top edge on all four sides and continues to the bottom of the lid. The pattern is taken up again at the base of the plastic container, with diagonal lines on the bottom. The front edge features a bar lock that snaps easily and securely to keep food its freshest. Buying single containers is a good way for restaurants, caterers, delis and bakeries to try out the product.
5” Square Plastic Container Deep
Inner Dimensions: 4 5/8"x4 9/16"x3 5/16"
One plastic container

Inner Dimensions 4 5/8"x4 9/16"x3 5/16"

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