14" White Cake Boards

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This 14” white cake board for 13” cakes makes handling easy while assembling and decorating a 13” cake. The white surface of the corrugated cake board makes for a clean-looking presentation. The corrugated cardboard of this cake board is strong enough to hold any 13” cake, complete with frosting and decorations. This 14” round cake board fits snugly inside 14” cake containers for 13” cakes. Dress up your baked creation by adding a paper doily before placing the cake on the cake board.

These white round cake boards have a diameter of 14” and work for any round cake 13” or smaller, but are ideal for a 13” cake. Their white color coordinates with any color frosting for an attractive appearance and maximum appeal to customers. This single cake circle is perfect for your home-baked creation or as a first order before buying a larger quantity for a caterer or bakery.

Dimensions 14"

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