12" Cake Container with Dome - Fits a 10" & 11" Cake

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Your bakery cakes show up beautifully in this elegant 12” cake container with a clear plastic dome. Just right for a 10” or 11” cake, this plastic cake container is perfect for a 12” cake board circle. The depth of the dome is 3” in height, and the bottom diameter is 12”. The dome is made of sparkling clear plastic with fluting for strength and elegance. Your larger round cakes, including both 10” and 11” cakes, can fit inside with room to spare for frosting. Cakes stay fresh for their expected shelf life and transport well from your bakery to the customer’s table.

The lid of this attractive cake container snaps securely onto the black base, protecting the cake from damage and spills during handling and transportation. The container’s top is supported by the dome’s fluted sides to prevent the top of the container from collapsing on the cake. This order of 1 cake container combo is just right for individuals, first orders for bakeries, and precise ordering for catered events.

Dome Depth 3"
Inside Bottom Diameter 12"

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