Single Cupcake Container with Hinged lid

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Single muffin container with hinged lid.
This container features extra space for a the cap to measure up 3 3/4" and a snap-lock lid.
Eco Friendly. Produced from PLA a corn derived plastic

Due to corn PLA's low melting point- This container must be stored at temperatures lower than 105ºF (40ºC). If stored at temperatures over 105ºF, the lock can melt & the containers may stick together.

For a more stable option for high heat areas, buy SKU: Z-PCC-Round1CC or SKU: PCC-Round1CC-Pack45-1

Bottom Cup Diameter 2.68"
Cap Width 3 3/4"
Height 3 1/4"

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Questions on Single Cupcake Container with Hinged lid

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  • From Debbie at 4/6/2014 7:37 PM
    • Are these single ones big enough for large size muffins and cupcakes??
    • Single Cupcake Container with Hinged lid - Since we are unsure of the size of your muffins, we are unable to advise you the correct size to use, however here is "How do I determine which cupcake or muffin container will fit my cupcakes and muffins?"

      You need the bottom diameter of your cupcake liner & the total cupcake height.

      First, measure the bottom diameter of your cupcake liner. Then check the bottom cavity diameter of our cupcake containers. Your liner should be about an 1/8" smaller than the bottom diameter listed for each cavity.
      Second, measure your cupcake or muffin from top to bottom. Then check the height listed for every container. Please ensure that you choose a container whose height is greater than your cupcake /muffin. All dimensions are listed as length x width x height. The third set of numbers is the height of the container.

      For large muffins, we recommend our single muffin container at
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