Plastic Container City has a variety of containers that you can use in the oven. With some of our "Ovenable" container prices as low as $0.49, we are confident that you find what you need at a low price. Please browse our plastic containers selection below and buy safely and securely today.

Our line of containers that can be used in the oven makes it easy to bake and sell, because these trays go from the oven…all the way home! They won't warp or dent, & they'll protect your product better too. These trays can also be microwaved. They can be frozen & placed directly into the oven or microwave. These containers are perfect for cheesecakes which are generally difficult to remove from the pan.

Baking Instructions
* Do Not Bake Lids *
All of our ovenable items are safe in temperature up to 400°F.
* When using in your oven, make sure you pre-heat the oven to the desired temperature before placing the ovenable tray in.
* Place the tray on a aluminum cookie sheet and make sure to place it in the center rack.
* The aluminum tray helps distribute heat evenly to the bottom of tray and also helps when removing the item from the oven.
* The tray will become pliable when hot, but firms up quickly when cooled.
* Placing the tray on the center rack will help ensure the tray only gets exposed to the temperature the oven is set to.
* Lower and upper racks may be closer to heating elements and therefore exposed to temperature much greater than the oven setting.
* Lid will fit container only after container has been baked.

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